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The Need for Physical Security at Data Centers

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Bay Area Security Patrol Companies Share Tips

Data center personnel often put a major focus on protection from data hacks, and with good reason: Those attacks can be devastating. But people can just as easily attack data centers by gaining physical access to steal or vandalize property, including hardware with valuable data on it. It’s important for data centers to have ample physical security, and this post from our Santa Cruz security company details why.

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Discover a Layered Approach To Physical Security

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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

Any single security feature provides some benefits, but layering two or more will give your business even more protection. Every layer that a criminal has to work through will delay and discourage them. This article takes a look at the different types of layers that San Jose security companies like ours use to protect a business.

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Help Prevent Crime in the Summertime

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Our San Francisco Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure

Many businesses are concerned about summertime crime, and there are some good reasons to be. For instance, employees on vacation may leave premises unattended more than normal. Warmer weather brings people outside for more of the day, which can lead to spikes in crimes of opportunity. But there is good news: The following strategies can help your business avoid summertime crime.

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