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San Francisco Security Company Guide To Workplace Security

As a Bay Area security company, we’ve helped many businesses fight in-store theft. This article compiles some of the most effective tactics businesses can use toward that end.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance has come a long way since the days of bulky cameras and grainy footage. Today’s surveillance cameras are relatively user-friendly, and if desired, they’re available in sleek, subtle packages that won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your store. On the other hand, if you want to install conspicuous cameras to take advantage of their deterrent factor, that’s always an option as well. There’s likely a camera solution that fits your needs and budget.

Stay Organized

Keeping your storefront organized is another way to reduce instances of shoplifting. Unorganized items are harder to track and therefore harder to protect, and it may be some time before you even notice such items are missing. Additionally, clutter can make it easier for thieves to grab items without being noticed. That’s why any San Francisco physical security company will recommend organizing and decluttering your store regularly.

Train Your Staff

Nobody is born with an innate knowledge of how to deter shoplifters, so it’s important to train your staff in ways to do so safely. Make sure your staff knows how to productively protect your business’s inventory while remaining safe themselves. For instance, training on tactics shoplifters tend to use can go a long way.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors are an underappreciated, cost-effective security tool. Specifically, convex mirrors provide a way for staff members to keep an eye on a wider area of the store. They also act as a deterrent, as thieves will know that they are visible from an enormous range of angles.

Consider Security Guards

Some businesses have a lot to gain by bringing on security guards, who can act as both anti-shoplifting professionals and ambassadors for your store. They also facilitate prompt reactions to criminal activity; for instance, San Jose alarm response services can make sure action is taken more swiftly.

Our Bay Area Patrol Team Can Help

Every business’s situation is unique, but the above measures can do a lot to protect yours. For more specific advice regarding your store, contact Orion Security.

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