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Why Schools Should Teach Self-Defense and Security

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Self-defense is a set of skills that allows one to defend themselves by engaging in physical combat. But in truth, this type of training incorporates far more than its physical elements. In its true form, self-defense training enhances people’s mental awareness, helps them identify and prevent acts of crime, and opens up a person to a healthier, confident approach to life.

San Jose security companies encourage awareness and pro-activity to tackle violence.

Did you know that over 750,000 students in the U.S. aged from 12-18 years have directly experienced violent crimes? In addition, statistics show that 67% of all sexual assault victims are underage. After experiencing physical altercations at a young age, some of these youth go on to develop profound psychological problems including low self-esteem and aggression. This is why organizations such as Orion Security encourage a more hands-on approach to tackling violent crime.

Self-defense classes are designed to tackle this problem head on, by addressing every aspect of violent confrontation including the mentality of violent criminals. It is meant to educate students and prepare them physically and psychologically to protect themselves should they ever be caught up in a physical confrontation.

It’s the perfect solution to handling bullies

What some parents find hard to understand is that teaching students to fight actually reduces incidents of fighting in schools. But this is rooted in the foundation of building confidence and teaching students to take charge in a violent situation. At least one out of ten middle schoolers experiences bullying and most of these kids don’t have a clue how to deal with these types of situations – which leaves them vulnerable and destroys their self-esteem.

When they take up self-defense, these students learn how to protect themselves and to anticipate certain situations that lead to confrontation. During classes, the trainer arranges for various simulations meant to depict real-life scenarios of bullying. Things like being pinned against a wall, being pulled and pushed are common to many students. In classes they are exposed to all these situations and trained how to deal with them or escape without injury.

When bullies approach a trained student, their tactics fail because the student understands the psychology of a bully and is trained to get out of difficult situations. This is one of the ways self-defense reduces incidents of fighting in schools.

How else does self-defense benefit students?

Teaches fitness and other physical skills: aside from security training, students are taught how to improve their fitness and are encouraged to take up healthy lifestyles.

Teaches self-discipline: this is perhaps the most important element of learning self-defense. When students instill self-discipline early in life, this mentality starts to reflect in other aspects of their lives.

Encourages self-confidence: by building confidence, students are better equipped to handle difficult situations in school and at home – and it also improves their grades.

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