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At Orion Security, our employees truly matter. Every day we strive to make our workplace an environment where our employees flourish and our clients appreciate our officer’s superior training.

The importance given to preparing each security officer for their role in Orion Security’s operation becomes very apparent with the importance placed on training.

From the very basic techniques involved in the patrol activities to the ever changing legalities and liabilities they face in their day to day work experience, training becomes the prerequisite to success.

Proper and legible report writing and honing communication skills are ongoing responsibilities presented to all employees to insure a consistently professional image.

Public relations skills are obviously a major concern while presenting positive interactions with clients and the general public. Therefore, a strong emphasis is given to this area in our training agenda.

Finally, a complete understanding and compliance must be presented and accepted in the area of sexual harassment in the workplace./

Employee Orientation:

Each applicant that is hired by Orion Security must pass a number of prerequisite conditions before they are scheduled to a job site.

  • All must be registered by the state of California by passing the exam for security officers and mandatory finger-printing.
    A series of fourteen video presentations covering every aspect of the security spectrum are viewed and question and answer sessions follow to insure that a complete understanding of procedural policy has been reached at a high level of understanding
  • Mandatory on-site drug testing is required
  • Each applicant is then fitted in a class-A uniform and advised of his scheduled shift and hours.
  • A training officer will then instruct and advise the new hire of any post orders or special conditions of his / her assigned post and begin a period of training for that site
  • Each applicant hired must possess a driving record that demonstrates a responsible driving history
  • Any applicant who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony is not eligible for hire at Orion Security

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Uniformed Security Services


Orion Security is dedicating to providing our clients with the highest quality physical security and protection.

Mobile Patrol Security


The mobile patrol division is designed to accommodate customers who do not require a permanently posted officer, but have a need for security services…More

Video Security Systems & Monitoring


Orion Security offers state-of-the-art video security systems and security monitoring. We provide digital systems from the mid price range to the most sophisticated technology in the market.

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