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Every homeowner wants to live in a safe and secure neighborhood for the sake of their families and also to keep their property intact. But the key to establishing a safe neighborhood lies with the people who live there and their willingness to enact a neighborhood watch program. Would you like to learn more about how to set up a neighborhood watch in your area?  Orion Security, a Bay Area security patrol company, is here to discuss community security with neighborhood watch programs. 

Are neighborhood watch programs effective?

For over 40 years, communities have been raising awareness about security in an effort to minimize incidents of crime. Since the National Sheriff’s Association begun the program decades ago, San Jose patrol routines have contributed to developing safe, peaceful communities where both grown-ups and children can rest easy – with the knowledge that the neighbors are keeping an eye on each other.

Here are the main benefits of neighborhood watch:

  • Reduced incidents of crime
  • Improved quality of life
  • A sense of peace and comfort due to improved security
  • Enhanced social networks within the community
  • Higher property value

How to get started

Once you identify a number of security issues in your neighborhood, the next step is to hold a meeting at a local gathering place where you can discuss solutions with the locals. Invite local law enforcement so that you can learn more about how to spot suspicious behavior, how to deter criminal behavior, how to respond during an ongoing crime, etc. You can also contact a San Jose security company for support and advice. In order for your group to have an impact in the neighborhood, you will have to be proactive and lead by example. Here are a number of things you can do to start off:

  • Encourage neighbors to conduct a safety audit of their homes and share the results at the next meeting.
  • Discuss the importance of displaying warning signs (particularly for those with home security systems) as this has been proven to deter criminal activity.
  • Learn more about security systems and find out which types are perfect for your neighborhood.
  • Encourage installation of surveillance cameras and motion-sensor lights
  • Eliminate existing security hazards like overgrown bushes and anything else that blocks the view to your home.

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Once your local watch program gets up and running, make sure to keep in touch with all members through scheduled meetings and group-text alert systems to enhance communication. A successful neighborhood watch program requires that its members have a firm understanding of the main goals and maintain good flexibility in order to adjust specific methods based on effectiveness.

For additional neighborhood security, contact Orion Security to learn more about mobile patrol and surveillance systems. Give us a call at 408-287-4411 or contact us online via our contact form here.

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