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Have you ever arrived at your home or place of work only to encounter broken windows, slashed car tires, graffiti, littering or any other act of vandalism? Vandalism is an act of destroying and damaging someone else’s property–residential, commercial or municipal–without permission. There are several reasons your business or home can be prone to criminal vandalism. Needless to say, the damage to property and losses might cause you to suffer substantial financial setbacks. Your safest line of defense is to put measures in place to prevent vandalism in your area. Our San Jose security company discusses vandalism and how to protect your property:

5 Steps to Protect Your Property Against Criminal Vandalism

  1. Install proper lighting

Vandals are attracted to dimly lit properties. Darkness makes it ridiculously easy for burglars to break in and out of your property unnoticed. To keep these criminals away, install proper lights in the interior and exterior of your property. Also, adding motion detectors to your exterior lights gives you a better chance at scaring away trespassers. Wherever the vandals are, the lights will turn and put a spotlight on them, and this will make them feel like someone is watching.

  1. Fence your property and install a secure gate

Naturally, vandals like to have their way through the unfenced property. With a strong high fence and a security gate, the criminals will think twice before sabotaging your home or business. Put up a fence around the perimeter of your property, and always keep your gates locked.

  1. Use video surveillance

Just the presence of video cameras in your property can scare away vandals and thieves. If perchance, the vandals are bold enough to break into your property, you will have evidence to present to the police or the court. But be sure to do your research to make sure you’re getting video surveillance equipment that’s reliable and offer the features that you desire, like live monitoring or alert notifications.

  1. Report cases of vandalism

One of the key reasons why criminal vandalism is on the rampant today is due to unreported cases. If a case of vandalism goes unreported in your area, the vandals walk free and are sure to repeat the same sabotage on someone else’s property. It is therefore essential that you report the matter to the police if you see a case of vandalism. Even though investigations might take long to conclude, the police will increase patrol in your area to prevent repeat cases of vandalism.

  1. Hire security guards

Vandals take the opportunity to destroy and damage your property when you are not around. This is because the saboteurs always want to commit their acts without being seen. Having uniformed security guards at the gate or patrolling around the property/neighborhood can help deter break-ins. Security guards are trained to deal with vandals, and they will be able to protect your property from damage and theft.

Criminal vandalism hurts. Its direct effects are damage and loss of property, but it can also have safety implications. It’s in your best interest, therefore, to do your part to stop vandalism in your area.

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