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Technology is highly dynamic. Today we see home security features that were once thought possible only in a fictitious world. Thanks to the digital revolution. Improved technology in home security means better protection and improved safety of our property. Let’s take a look at innovations we can expect to hit the market soon.

Innovative Home Security Technology we can Expect to see Soon

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has found its way into home security. With intelligent protection, every bit of your home security system is connected to a WI-FI network for centralized monitoring and controlling. Home smart security collects a lot of digital data which is stored in the cloud. With an adequately programmed smart security, you can have automation. You can set your alarms detected, and the cameras to turn to specific angles when the sensors detect motion. An example of AI in home security today is the geo-fencing technology.

Remotely armed alarms

This might be the new way of monitoring the security of your home soon. Home security systems will run on networks that allow users to arm their alarm systems on a mobile app. This is a great way to watch over your home no matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the internet. The alarm goes off when the app detects intrusion, and the app will instantly send a message to the police by text or call. At all times you will be aware of what is happening in your home when you are away by use of WI-FI enabled cameras and sound detectors.

Drones with facial recognition features

The idea of drones for home security might have sounded far-fetched in the past, but it seems feasible now. As a home security enhancing technology, pocket-sized drones will fly at about 20 feet and film the panorama of the house in real time. These drones will also feature a built-in biometric scanning system; in case there is an intrusion, the drones will capture the identity of the burglar. Smartphones or radio controllers will be used to control the drones. Use of drone technology in home security has already started in the market.

Cloud-based home security solutions

Digital innovation has made it possible to control all the security features of a home from one place. It is now possible to remote control door locks, scanners, surveillance systems and garage doors on a cloud network. Doing all these things on one platform on a cloud streamlines your security procedures and reduces the risk of failing software. Many homes are already jumping onto the bandwagon of cloud-based residential security solutions.

The above are just some of the new inventions in home security. The future brings many more changes.

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