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San Francisco Security Companies Help You Make a Plan

Encourage your team to practice safety every time they step foot on the property. That is, facilitate ways for them to learn how to stay safe and maintain personal physical security when they are on the job. As a team lead, manager, supervisor, or owner, you should know that Bay Area patrol companies can take a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders, while taking care of your staff, customers, and visitors.

Stay safe and use these 10 tips for employees to increase security at work:

  • Take advantage of and partake in any safety drills, workshops, or practices offered. This extends to mock fire drills- treat them as if they are real. Try to get as much as you can from these offerings for your own safety- and others’, too.
  • Stay alert. Remain alert and cognizant of your surroundings. Make a mental note of unfamiliar persons on-site, odd happenings, or suspicious activity and report it right away to security personnel.
  • If you plan to keep late hours at work, try to coordinate it so another colleague joins you. Stay safe, park in well-lit areas, and notify any security that you are there. No security after hours?
  • This reinforces hiring San Jose security companies to ensure staff safety.
  • Watch who tries to piggy-back entry into your office or workplace. Have you ever had someone try to scurry in behind you when you open a locked door? Make a habit of not permitting anyone to sneak in without using their own credentials, keys, or cards.
  • Notice anything missing at work? Report such incidents as soon as you become aware. If computer equipment comes up missing, this could mean that sensitive company information has been compromised.
  • Always have a contingency plan. That is, in case of an emergency, know your route and plan an alternate means of exiting the building.
  • Be wary of internal threats. If someone has been reprimanded or fired, they could seek retaliation. Be aware of what and who are around you- and always report suspicious behavior. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? Know the protocol and what to do if disaster strikes- depending on the type of occurrence, you may need to attend trainings or ask supervisors for more information.
  • Carry your own employee ID card diligently. Do not expect others to let you in or out- this is not a good habit to get into. It could jeopardize the security of the site.
    Maintain and protect your key cards and related documentation accordingly. Do not leave these items out where they are vulnerable to theft or loss. Your building’s security depends on it.

Bay Area Security Services are Critical to Business

Facilitate a safe work environment. Encourage staff and employees to use these tips at work and maintain security patrols with a San Francisco security guard company. For security in the Bay Area, talk to the team at Orion Security about physical security for commercial buildings. Protect the most valuable commodities that you have- your clientele and your staff. Contact us here today.

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