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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

Any single security feature provides some benefits, but layering two or more will give your business even more protection. Every layer that a criminal has to work through will delay and discourage them. This article takes a look at the different types of layers that San Jose security companies like ours use to protect a business.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is generally the outermost security layer. Examples of perimeter security measures include fences and barriers made of wire. These measures can make an intruder choose another target or slow down their approach considerably.

Entrance Security

Entrance security refers to measures that control access to the property through its intended gateways. Gates and road blockers are common types of entrance security. This may also involve personnel; for instance, Bay Area security guard companies can post a guard to manually control gate access.

Security for Pedestrians

If your property has walkways, it may be worth it to invest in pedestrian security measures. These protect pedestrians from vehicles. Fixed bollards are a classic type of pedestrian security, as they allow people to pass through but have gaps that are too small for vehicles.

Security for Projects and Events

Not all security measures need to be permanent fixtures of a property. But when a project or event takes place that is outside the norm of daily operations, additional security features can be a big help. For example, temporary fencing around a construction project on your site can keep non-authorized personnel from entering it. And in cities that host big events, San Francisco security guards may be called in as needed.

Building-Based Security

Buildings themselves provide an opportunity for security layering. In practice, this can look like reinforced windows combined with sturdy doors to help make sure intruders have a difficult time getting in.

Security for External Property

Property that is situated outside of your business’s core structures also needs protection. Cages can help fulfill this need, as can kiosks.


Cameras are a security feature that can augment other layers and be placed in a variety of positions. They allow personnel to monitor situations from a central location and respond promptly.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Have you looked at a security budget plan to cover all your security needs? Make a plan that involves both preventative and reactive measures- just in case. For a Bay Area security company, contact Orion Security on physical security and San Francisco security patrol services– don’t delay.

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