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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

A security awareness program is key for making an organization’s employees embrace and utilize safety measures. To launch an effective security awareness program, the following five strategies are a big help.

Figure Out Where Your Company’s Starting From

A good first step is figuring out where your company stands in the present. For instance, most Bay Area security companies will recommend interacting with employees in different departments to find out what they think of the company’s current security measures, in terms of both what’s working well and what’s failing. Also determine what company leadership expects when it comes to the company’s security.

Focus on Culture

Training programs and the like are a good component of getting employees up to speed on security. But it’s even more important to develop a culture based on security, which is why leadership’s buy-in is so essential. Encourage leadership to prioritize security and reward employees who do the same. It may also be necessary to convince leadership to invest more financial resources in security, as it’s hard for employees to take security seriously if the company’s budget doesn’t reflect that priority.

Test for Flaws

Testing for flaws is a great way to inform a security awareness program. For instance, you might hire a Palo Alto security guard company to consult on your business’s security weak points. They may spot issues like an unlatched window that would otherwise escape notice. The same goes for cybersecurity: You can hire individuals to perform digital vulnerability testing as well. Such findings can help you know which gaps you want your awareness program to help fill.

Know Your Audience(s)

Communication is the backbone of any security awareness program, and researching your audience is in turn key to communicating effectively. Your company may have employees who represent a wide range of ages with myriad backgrounds. And each person’s level within the company can add another layer of complexity. Take the time to figure out how to connect with each employee before sending your security messaging out.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

New security threats will always be on the horizon, and employees will always either need training as they come aboard or periodic refreshers as they work at a company. That’s why our Santa Clara security guard company recommends continually tweaking and redistributing the messages of your security awareness program. Contact us here anytime!

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