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Bay Area Security Patrol Companies Share Tips

Data center personnel often put a major focus on protection from data hacks, and with good reason: Those attacks can be devastating. But people can just as easily attack data centers by gaining physical access to steal or vandalize property, including hardware with valuable data on it. It’s important for data centers to have ample physical security, and this post from our Santa Cruz security company details why.

Physical Security Can Block Vehicle Access

While people might picture San Francisco security guards responding to intruder breaches, physical security measures can sometimes stop breaches before they even start. For instance, controlling which vehicles have access to a property can discourage people intent on stealing data or property from even attempting to do so. Something as simple as a gated entryway, where security personnel check drivers’ IDs and purposes for visiting, may cause a troublemaker to leave and choose an easier target.

Protection Can Extend Inside

Another valuable perk of services like San Jose patrol is that security personnel can keep an eye out inside of data centers, too. This can take the form of a front desk area where visitors much check in, which, much like vehicle gates, can cause thieves to lose their nerve. Turnstiles are another helpful measure, especially with a guard watching to prevent tailgating—that is, unauthorized individuals who dart in after an authorized person uses their entry key.

Security personnel can also roam a property to keep an eye on things. (As an added bonus, if desired, security guards can be friendly guides to people who do have a legitimate purpose, like authorized visitors, in your data center.)

Protection Can Be Off-Site, Too

Not all security measures involve gates and guards. Your data center can also gain significant protection from the installation of cameras. Depending on your security plan, these may be monitored by on-site personnel or at an off-site location. Either way, the personnel can raise an alarm if something seems amiss.

Our San Jose Patrol Team Can Help

The best way to come up with a security plan for your data center is by working with a professional outfit. You can find one in the Bay Area by contacting Orion Security.

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