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Your business is vulnerable to security threats ranging from theft to violent crime to vandalism. The use of access control systems can help you restrict the flow of people going in and out of your premises. However, unauthorized access is not necessarily as a result of a break-in. Some seemingly innocent actions may leave your premises susceptible to unauthorized access. In some instances, the very technology meant to keep your business safe could be what introduces the risk. In this post, we explore some of the most common types of unauthorized access.

Door Propping
Propping doors poses significant security challenges to your business as unauthorized persons may seize the opportunity and badge in. Employees mostly prop doors to move heavy items or simply for convenience. Sensitize your employees on the need to avoid propping. There are access control systems that could alert your San Jose alarm response security personnel in case of a propped door.

Also known as piggybacking, tailgating happens when one or more unauthorized people follow an authorized person through a door. The person might not even be aware that they are being followed. In other instances, the person might be holding the door simply out of courtesy. To curb this, you could install mantraps or turnstiles, which permit only one person to enter at a time.

Whether loaned out, stolen, or lost, keys pose a major unauthorized access problem. Effective key control is a challenge for most businesses. As re-keying locks is not only time-consuming but also expensive, the only way you handle this challenge is by implementing an electric key management system.

Fraudulent access cards
Access cards pose the same risks as keys as they can be stolen, lost, or duplicated, thus aiding unauthorized access. You can tackle this challenge by pairing access cards with biometric security access systems. Access cards which include the user’s photo could also curb fraudulent use of access cards.

How do I combat unauthorized access?
To mitigate the challenge of unauthorized access, you need first to assess how this can occur. You then need to implement a strategy aimed at sealing any loopholes. Hiring a San Francisco physical security company to patrol your business every once in a while is an effective way of averting danger.

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