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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

When was the last time you reviewed your security protocols and procedures? When you consider how vulnerable your assets may be, it makes sense to utilize resources to protect your investment- as well as anyone on your property. Physical security includes efforts like Palo Alto security guard companies, which provide a presence on-site to deter crime and protect assets. Develop your own security plan to keep your premise secure and safe, and keep the following three fundamentals in-mind for an effective strategy:

Identify your Assets

What are the assets that most need protecting? For example, if you operate a store, your assets could be inventory- like high end products. Other assets could be sensitive technology or documents- or even the people that work or visit your site. Identify the company’s assets so that you best know how to protect them and what kind of security measures are most vital. Make sure to review and update protocols periodically, as well as evaluate potential losses.

Recognize Potential Threats

A Bay Area security guard company will have distinctive insights and skillsets that help them to recognize and detect potential threats to your business. Some possible threats could be those that cause damage to your building, harm to your staff, or theft of property, for example. Plus, depending on the time of year, the threats change; you must always be alert and aware of surroundings to keep them safe. Security patrols and a physical presence on premise can help curb behaviors and trespassers, making the property more secure.

Look for Weakness

A physical security presence also allows for a pair of eyes to be watchful or weaknesses or vulnerabilities when it comes to your property. That is, the consistency of security patrols can spot breaches, problems, or even personnel issues that you may not see. Being able to identify these areas allows for more effective security strategies and, subsequently, a safer premises.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Physical security should be at the core of your safety and security plan for your business. A San Jose security patrol can go a long way toward maintaining safety on your property, as well as protecting your investment. To learn more, contact Orion Security, a Bay Area security company, today.

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