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Do you know what comprises physical security for your business or property? Are your premises safe and secure? This is a question that every building owner needs to consider and assess. When it comes to maintaining a safe environment, do not underestimate the value of physical security, as well as the advantages of hiring a San Jose security guard company to protect your investment- regardless of the size of your property. How do San Francisco security companies help to maintain physical security on your property? Here is what you should know:

A San Francisco security patrol deters anyone that could have malicious or criminal intent entering or on your property. Often the mere presence of security can be enough to send trespassers packing. Some other strategies to deter could be walls, gates, doors, and even the sight of video cameras or surveillance.

Technology is key to ensuring systems work together and breaches or trespassers are detected. This includes things like alarms, sensors, and video surveillance. Technology is integral to monitoring your business or building properly. Plus, this gives property owners the opportunity to check-in and survey their property, as desired or needed.

Physical security also sets up obstacles in the way of those that are intruding or trespassing on your property. These are intended to prevent individuals from simply strolling in or through your premises. Added security protocols, like key cards or pin codes, can make it challenging and slow down a potential intruder, either deterring them or delaying them until security arrives.

So, what if there is a breach or a crime committed on your property? Who will respond and react? When you have a physical security plan with a team in-place, they respond, contact authorities, lock down facilities, and communicate accordingly. There is always a plan in place, long before anything occurs, so that no beat is skipped when a crisis emerges.

San Francisco Security Guard Services are Critical

These physical security aspects create a safe and secure space for you, your staff, and your guests or clients. Want to learn more about physical security measures for your Bay Area property? Contact the team at Orion Security today and protect your investment.

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