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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

If you have a business, an organization, or facility, start planning for your security budget. What items should be included on a budget? Here is what you should know:

Security budget planning should not be a one-time investment. After all, the safety of your customers, colleagues, and tenants is vital. Consider both long and short-term goals in your security budget plan, and mark progress toward goals with some important initiatives and milestones. When evaluating budget plans, security services are typically categorized as either preventative or reactive security.


Preventive Security plans and initiatives typically involve precautionary measures. Some examples are workplace training and safety drills, threat management, and protecting certain areas of the property. This might be the underlying reason for looking at San Jose security companies or more specifically, a Bay Area security guard company to promote a secure premise for your clientele and staff. These should all be addressed in a security budget plan since they involve resources.


Reactive Security plans and initiatives regard response to a threat or event. This could be related to workplace violence or a criminal investigation. This could be a natural event that impacts your business or staff, too, like a storm or fire. Again, security patrols and guards could be key in fast response at a time of crisis.

Security Budget Planning

Make your case for funding for preventative and reactive programs, staffing, or other security needs. Create a compelling reason, or business case, why the resources will be well spent in these arenas. After all, the safety and security of every person on your property should be key. Consider including the following elements in each business case for each security initiative that you want to present. It is often far too easy for security to get pushed to the side. Do not let this happen in your commercial property.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Have you looked at a security budget plan to cover all your security needs? Make a plan that involves both preventative and reactive measures- just in case. For a Bay Area security company, talk to Orion Security on physical security and San Francisco security patrol services– don’t delay.

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