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Our San Francisco Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure

Our San Francisco security company knows that each year brings new challenges to those in the security profession, and 2022 is shaping up to be no different. Here are 10 predictions we have for the coming year.

1. Cyber Security Will Still Be Key
In 2022, cyber security will continue to affect every level of organizations, including CEOs. And cyber security is inextricably tied to physical security, with secured access to server rooms serving as one example.

2. Hybrid Work Will Bring New Considerations
Hybrid work will entail new security considerations for every organization that embraces it. That’s why our Bay Area security company recommends making sure your employees are trained in securing portable company property like laptops they take home.

3. Access and Visitor Processes May Change
With rotating on-site employees becoming normal thanks to hybrid work, companies may also need to update their security processes, especially when it comes to visitor policies and access measures.

4. Cashier-less Shopping May Rise
Cashier-less shopping is one trend Forbes has highlighted to watch in 2022. If your business chooses to embrace it, consider what you will do to prevent excess inventory shrinkage when customers are in charge of checking themselves out. Our San Jose security patrol experts can help further.

5. Insurance Policies May Change
Thieves are incorporating somewhat new tactics like flash mobs organized on social media. Therefore, insurance companies may price these tactics in during policy assessments.

6. Video Tampering May Increase
It’s easier than ever to tamper with video, which is why deepfakes are gaining attention. However, carefully controlling the chain of custody of video data is a way to counteract this threat.

7. Facial Recognition Acceptance Will Change
Facial recognition technology, which has some security applications, has drawn much scrutiny. Companies should monitor industry trends and new regulations here.

8. Vaccine Checks May Last
The COVID-19 pandemic may shift to endemic status in 2022, but its security effects will remain. For instance, venues that check vaccination status may continue to need personnel to do so.

9. Masks Will Be Around for A While as Well
While a thief in a mask may have stuck out in the past, they now may look normal—until they steal something. To counteract mask-driven anonymity, surveillance on parking lots (to capture license plates) is one helpful tactic.

10. Supply Chain Challenges Will Remain, Too
The supply chain problems occurring now may shift, but they probably won’t abate entirely in 2022. This ties into security in many ways, one of which is gear selection: If you’re purchasing equipment like security cameras, make sure they come from a trustworthy vendor, not a knockoff artist preying on shortages and high demand.

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