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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

Given that theft and fraud cost businesses billions of dollars each year, it’s no wonder loss prevention is a big focus for many companies. The following nine tips can help companies protect themselves from thievery and other attacks.

1. Train Employees on What to Look For

Successful shoplifters are often quite sneaky. That’s why it’s important to train employees to look out for “customers” engaged in odd activities, like avoiding employees and swapping packaging. Employees should also know who to alert when such behavior is spotted.

2. Prioritize Greeting Customers

Greeting customers as they enter your business is not only good customer service—it also deters shoplifters by letting them know employees are actively spotting and interacting with everyone who enters.

3. Organize Well

Cluttered areas with low visibility are very inviting to shoplifters: Thieves can get their hands on a lot of items at once, and it’s harder for employees to see what’s going on. Make sure your store is well organized and that high-value items are protected, perhaps in locking cases.

4. Invest in a Security System

Investing in a security system will make your store much less inviting to shoplifters, especially when combined with the presence of other security factors. For instance, San Jose security guards mixed with other measures like strong locks have helped many of our clients.

5. Invest in Inventory Tracking

Loss prevention becomes tougher if your business can’t accurately track losses. Make sure you’ve invested in a proper inventory management system, which can help you track shrinkage and identify problems before they become worse.

7. Lean on Deterrence

Our Bay Area security company will tell any client that deterrence is one of the best perks of security. Deterrence becomes stronger the more potential shoplifters are aware of the security measures in place, so don’t be shy about advertising the presence of cameras or posting visible security guards.

8. Embed It at Every Level

The Harvard Business Review recommends embedding loss prevention in the very culture of your company. In other words, everyone from employees working the retail floor to the top-level executives should take loss prevention seriously. A lack of attention to it at the top will only trickle down.

9. Contact Professionals

The above general tips can give your business a good security foundation, but you should also consider contacting a professional company for personalized security advice and solutions. For instance, at Orion Security, we offer San Francisco security patrol services and surveillance packages.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

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