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Bay Area Security Guard Services for Businesses

As a physical security company, it’s our job to educate clients about the potential for risks, to offer solutions, and convince you to care about your safety as much as we do. Technological advances have given criminals better tools, leading to an increase in building attacks. All it takes is one incident to derail your business. Unfortunately, many downplay their need for physical protection. They buy into myths and neglect to take proper security measures. The following misconceptions aren’t just outdated, they’re dangerous. Let’s take on some of the most common Physical Security myths:

1. There’s No Way to Stop or Prevent Building Attacks
There are plenty of precautions you can take to protect and reinforce a building. It all starts with a comprehensive risk assessment done by a professional San Francisco security company. There’s no way to completely eliminate every risk; but identifying and strengthening weak spots will exponentially decrease the likelihood of a building attack. Don’t be an easy target when you have security resources at your disposal.

2. Basic Security is Enough to Protect a Building
Like we mentioned before, criminals are going high-tech. They aren’t intimidated by a sturdy structure, a privacy fence, or a night watchman with a taser anymore. Incorporating multi-layered and systemic security protocols can stop a criminal before they can even get close to a building. Using biometric and advanced mechanical resources improves early warning time and allows for an immediate Bay Area alarm response to potential threats.

3. Security Can’t Be Improved in an Aging Building
With new retrofitting capabilities, even historically protected buildings can experience effective security. Physical security measures don’t have to be intrusive and can easily be installed and implemented in older buildings.

4. Adding Security Measures Will Ruin a Building’s Aesthetic Appeal
Physical security doesn’t have to mean heavy bars on every window and a gate that would make Fort Knox proud. There are plenty of ways to integrate security measures into the appearance of a building without overwhelming the design. The key is to work with a competent Bay Area security guard company that has access to a wide range of options.

5. If Physical Protection is so Great, Why Doesn’t Everyone Use It?
In reality, physical protection is required in many government buildings and is widely used in the private sector. With all of the physical security resources available, it makes no sense to leave a building unprotected.

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