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Our San Francisco Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure

Many businesses are concerned about summertime crime, and there are some good reasons to be. For instance, employees on vacation may leave premises unattended more than normal. Warmer weather brings people outside for more of the day, which can lead to spikes in crimes of opportunity. But there is good news: The following strategies can help your business avoid summertime crime.

Invest in Physical Security

If your business doesn’t already have physical security measures, the summer months are a great time to invest in them. Physical security protects your business from unauthorized entries and theft by employees, among other benefits. Physical security plays a role in cybersecurity by shielding files and computers from theft, underscoring its importance even more. Our San Francisco security guards recommend measures like sturdy windows, doors that lock securely, and controlled access throughout your business’s property.

Try to Hire Locally

If you decide to bring in an outside security vendor, that can be a wonderful choice: Security experts can view your company with fresh eyes, for example, helping identify blind spots in your current security procedures. They can also help you build a security plan from the ground up.

However, you will likely get more out of the relationship if you hire locally. For instance, a locally based Bay Area security patrol will bring local knowledge that security personnel from a national chain may not have. Additionally, local security vendors may be able to respond more quickly to problems and have a larger network of law enforcement contacts.

Consider Who Needs to Know What

We recommend that business owners carefully consider who learns about your security systems. If you’re bringing aboard temporary summertime employees, think twice before giving them a detailed rundown on every facet of your security measures.

At the same time, it’s critical for employees to know how to respond should a criminal attack the business. Not every employee needs to know the combination to your safe, but every employee should know what to do if someone wants to force their way into it.

Our Bay Area Patrol Team Can Help

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