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Bay Area Security Patrol Companies Share Their Experience

Protecting any business from security threats is a team effort. In this post, you’ll learn how businesses, security systems, and professionals like Bay Area security patrol companies can work together to keep businesses safe.

The Role of Businesses

Businesses are far from helpless when it comes to deterring wrongdoers. Lighting can go a long way toward making trespassers feel uncomfortable, as they prefer to operate in darkness. Businesses can also make thieves’ jobs harder by keeping valuables away from windows, where they can be vulnerable to smash-and-grab attacks.

Exterior maintenance and upgrades are also allies against security threats. Entry doors that are in good working order are much less likely to have lock failures. Windows can benefit from attention, too. Broken ones should promptly be replaced, and the use of reinforced glass and/or security bars can further increase safety.

The Role of Security Systems

Security systems play an important role as well. The components of one may include visible or hidden cameras, entry systems, alarms, and monitoring. The elements work together to provide deterrence and summon aid when needed. For instance, a thief may be discouraged if he sees a camera, while a more persistent one might press forward anyway but be warded off by an impenetrable entry system or the sound of an alarm. And when a threat is detected, professional monitoring can step in to respond appropriately. If you’re not sure which options are best for your business, a San Francisco security company or one in your area can provide advice.

The Role of Security Guards

Finally, security guards can serve many functions, all of which can help a business safely thrive. For one, guards can act as a deterrent. The presence of a guard can cause a lot of hassle for any would-be thief, discouraging them. Guards can also tailor their protocols for each business. Consider a Bay Area business with multiple locations: If it has lots of merchandise and valuables in one of it’s branches, San Jose security guards might act as property protectors first and foremost, while in its customer-focused second branch, the guards could act more as customer greeters and calming presences. (In both cases, of course, they will increase the safety of the business.)

Our San Jose Patrol Team Can Help

Finally, well-trained guards can both monitor security systems and mount appropriate countermeasures when threats appear. But businesses, security systems, and guards can work together to head off many of those threats before they even have a chance to pose a problem. Orion Security offers a range of security services and personnel. Use our contact form here to get in touch. We look forward to helping you meet your security goals!

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