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Our Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure

With holidays like the Fourth of July at hand, many people view summer as a time to relax. However, as Bay Area security companies will tell you, one area that cannot relax is business security.

Rising Temperatures, Rising Crime

Summer brings with it many forces that can make crime more likely. Warmer weather draws more people outside, which can in turn lead to more crimes of opportunity and other mischief. Another factor is alcohol, as many people treat warm summer days as an excuse to drink. Those predisposed to crime will only become more emboldened with alcohol removing their inhibitions.

Additionally, higher temperatures may lead to more aggressive behavior, and juveniles who don’t have supervision thanks to school being out may be more likely to commit petty crimes. All of these factors can increase the danger your business is in during the summer. However, the following practices, recommended by our San Jose security guard company, can help.

Card Access Systems

If your business doesn’t already have a card-based access system, there’s no time like the present. Such a system makes it much more difficult for unauthorized visitors to enter your building. Professional San Francisco Security Guards can help here as well.

Video Cameras

Video cameras can serve as both deterrents and evidence gatherers. For instance, crimes of opportunity don’t seem like such a great idea once a burglar spots a camera monitoring their activities. And in the unfortunate event that a crime does occur, cameras are a great tool when it comes to finding the wrongdoers.

Secure Windows and Doors

Many thieves move on quickly once they ascertain that a building will be resistant to their entering. That’s why it’s important to secure your windows and doors. Sensors that can raise the alert when a door is forced open or a window breaks add another layer of protection; for instance, the sound of an alarm may send many thieves fleeing.

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