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San Francisco Security Companies Help You Avoid Vulnerabilities

Is your business secure? There are common security threats that could compromise your staff and property; enlist the services of a private security company, including San Jose security guards, to create a safer and more-secure workplace. Protect your business against these five common security threats, with help from a San Francisco security company:

When someone follows and ‘tailgates’ a staff member or otherwise authorized person into an area of your business, this presents a security risk. When one person enters and others follow- without showing ID or swiping access cards- your entire team could be at-risk.

Document Theft
Don’t let sensitive materials and confidential documents easy for unauthorized persons to access. Encourage your team to clear their desk at the end of every workday to keep prying eyes off anything in clear view and vulnerable to theft.

Unaccounted or Unauthorized Visitors
Tracking your visitors and constructing a checkpoint can also make your building or site more secure. How will you maintain security if you have no idea who is on the premises? Take control of your security situation by accounting for each-and-every visitor that comes to your place of business- plus, this simplifies matters if an incident occurs, and you need to track down who was on your property at the time.

Stolen IDs
Motivate and reiterate to your team the importance of protecting their work IDs and any kind of keycard or access-card that they have in their possession. Also, discourage any sharing of ID cards or careless behavior that you observe. After all, these provide full access to your business and should be protected at all costs.

Staff Manipulation
Warn your staff of manipulation tactics that some may use to gain access to authorized areas. This includes trying to be swayed into allowing someone to enter without a keycard or ID, or who feigns needing assistance to get an employee to hold open a door. There are numerous schemes used to gain access and manipulate staff- be vigilant about your security systems.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

How secure is your workplace? Protect your property and the team with the services of a professional Bay Area security patrol company, Orion Security. Do not risk the safety of your customers and staff with these common security threats; talk to the professionals to learn more about commercial physical security today.

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