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Bay Area Security Guards For Your Facility

Hiring professional security guards for your business could be your best decision yet. Private security guards serve to supplement law enforcers’ efforts of maintaining law and order. They also provide an effective way to customize security solutions to suit your specific needs. For many businesses, the presence of even a single Bay Area security guard is enough to gain customer confidence and trust in your operations. Here are five reasons why hiring a security guard is a smart option:

Risk mitigations

Private security guards help protect your facility and deter criminal acts targeting your business. The guards are highly trained to detect crime and mitigate risks such as assaults, thefts, and vandalism. They are also your eyes and ears on the ground that effectively gathers critical data to help curb internal issues such as employee theft. The guards will also help law enforcers solve crimes that may occur on your premises. 

Around the clock protection

One way to ensure you and your assets are always safe is to have 24/7 protection. The sad news is that even the most adept law enforcement department cannot guarantee such protection for individual businesses and premises. However, with a private San Jose security company, you are assured of an around the clock protection customized to suit your specific needs. Ideally, your property and assets may become an easy target for criminals during off-hour times, and it is crucial to have reliable security just in case something happens.

Offer excellent customer service

While security guards’ primary role is to keep a premise safe, they are also often the first point of contact for clients. Professional security guards are well trained to offer customer care services, such as welcoming them to the premise, simple problem solving, and ensuring clients know where to go and who to talk to for the services they need. 

Maintenance of order at the workplace

Security guards ensure there are no violations of conduct on your premises. If you are offering services that require queuing or turn-taking, like in fast food premises and banking halls, the guards will serve as your disciplinary officers that ensure everyone follows laid down rules and procedures. For example, with the current COVID19 pandemic, security guards help you manage crowds and ensure everyone adheres to the laid down COVID19 rules and regulations.

Enhances your Branding efforts

Security guards can also help enhance your branding efforts. Ideally, you can make them wear your company’s uniform to promote your brand. Due to the nature of their work, the guards typically engage with customers and the public at a higher level than some of your employees. They can therefore help create brand awareness that boosts your business reputation.

Bay Area Security Guard Companies Are Standing By

Here at Orion Security Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch security services that guarantee you get peace of mind. Whether you need private security guards for your home or business premises, our team of highly trained and experienced guards provides 24/7 round the clock protection to deter intruders and vandals.

We are amongst the leading Bay Area security guard companies that provide new-age security and facility services. Our top-notch services include technical security solutions, investigation and verification, training, and consulting services. Contact us today to learn more.

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