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Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure During the Holidays

The holiday season brings with it many joys. However, the holidays also bring unfortunate gifts for thieves, vandals, and other unpleasant individuals; for example, with employees taking time off work, targets like unsupervised offices and unguarded warehouses can become quite appetizing. To guard your business against the holidays’ sometimes-surprising threats, follow these five tips, endorsed by our San Jose security company.

1. Go Over Policies with Your Employees

Sound security policies are the foundation of a business’s safety. However, policies can only help if employees understand them. Make sure all employees are familiar with your company’s security policies. Important points to consider include rules regarding visitors to company holiday events, telework procedures, and who is responsible for securing items and office spaces. According to, employees should also be on the lookout for customers who don’t have “a clear purpose.”

2. Let Your Security Company Know about Holiday Plans

Your business’s hours will likely change during the holidays, which means that, if your business has one, its security company will want to know about new patterns of visitors and employees accessing the premises. Additionally, if there will be a new point of contact, let the security company know; for example, they will need to know who to get in touch with about an alarm going off or other unusual activity. If your security company uses a Bay Area patrol to check on the premises over the holidays, give them the information necessary to do so: They may need information like access codes and authorized visitor lists.

3. Check on Your Security Equipment

Security equipment is tremendously helpful, but it can run into problems, necessitating check-ins. It’s advisable to make sure cybersecurity measures, locks and alarm systems, panic buttons, and the like are in good working order. Bay Area security guard companies can help you test these systems if you’re unsure how.

4. Practice Caution Online

If you’re working away from the office, be cautious with your company’s data by avoiding public wi-fi networks. Echoing an earlier point, be sure to coach your employees on cybersecurity best practices. Also keep in mind that setting up a virtual private network (VPN) can help them safely access the files they need to while keeping your company’s data secure.

5. Check and Double-Check the Locks

When it comes to security, no business owner has ever regretted being too careful. Take the time to check and double-check all of the locks on the premises, including those on both doors and windows, just to be sure nothing has slipped through the cracks.

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The holidays are a busy time for businesses. With the increased traffic comes increased security risks. Contact the professionals at Orion security to find out how you can tackle physical security without the headache.

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