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San Francisco Security Company Dives Into Safety

Black Friday is a huge financial boon to many businesses, but it can also present certain security risks, as any San Francisco security company knows. Fortunately, as this article shows, a few techniques can go a long way toward keeping Black Friday safe for your business, employees, and customers.

Lean On Your Security System

If your business doesn’t have an adequate security system, there’s no better time to install one than before the holiday rush. A full security system can involve many elements, including controlled-access doors, personnel-occupied security posts, and cameras. All of those are valid measures, but if you’re not sure where to start, cameras are a good first layer of security. Depending on their placement, they can play multiple roles, such as deterrence and evidence gathering. San Jose security guard companies like Orion Security can help you formulate a plan.

Know Health and Safety Protocols in Advance

COVID-19 is still a part of our lives. No matter the approach you take to COVID-19 protocols, it’s important to figure them out early, properly train your employees on communication and enforcement, and adequately notify customers of your business’s expectations. That will reduce surprises and make your chosen COVID-19 strategy more likely to succeed.

Invest Time in Preparing Employees

Along with getting them up to speed on COVID-19 protocols, you’ll also want to train your employees on how to handle Black Friday’s many other challenges. There will likely be more customers in the store than on a typical day, and they may be more stressed than normal, for instance. Processing discounts is another potential pain point for employees. But you can help employees overcome all of these challenges with thorough preparation.

Consider Hiring Security Personnel

Whether temporary or long-term, security personnel like patrols and stationary guards can improve your business’s safety and reduce disruptions. They can be especially helpful on chaotic days like Black Friday, as they can both deter troublemakers and help guide peaceful customers through a business.¬†

Our San Jose security guard company is Here for You

Though Black Friday may seem daunting, with enough preventative measures, you and your business can enjoy a smooth day and reap the financial rewards. To learn more about what Bay Area security patrol companies can do for your company, contact Orion Security.

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