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Could Your Business Use a Bay Area Security Company?

The surface level value of physical security is apparent: It protects your business, employees, customers, and assets. However, as this article from our Bay Area security company shows, investing in physical security has a host of other benefits as well.

Enhanced Reputation

When you hire a San Francisco security patrol, you’ll be showing people that your business takes safety seriously. That can make everyone who interacts with your company—including customers, clients, and interviewees—look at it more favorably.

In fact, one underappreciated role security officers can handle is customer service. Those positioned at a front desk, for instance, can provide directions to visitors. And after hours an escort to a parking garage from a security officer can be a welcome gesture.

Enhanced Employee Happiness

Employees who feel unsafe at your business won’t feel happy, and they’ll be much more likely to leave once another opportunity comes along. Security measures are important to protect them, keeping them safe, happy, and in the fold.

Loss Prevention

Especially in the retail business, shrinkage can be a devastating problem: Losses from shoplifting are even worse than not making a sale because your company loses the product and needs to pay to replace it. Fortunately, physical security measures can deter thieves by providing a visual message that theft is not a good idea. Those that still aren’t deterred will have a much more difficult time going forward with their thefts once security officers and/or alarms disrupt them.

Vandalism Prevention

For some businesses, vandalism is a challenge as well. Vandalism causes expensive damage and makes a business less visually appealing until the damage is corrected. That’s why vandalism prevention is another focus of any San Jose security guard company or similar organization. Installing a security system or hiring on-site guards go a long way, as do preventative measures like investing in good lighting and reinforced windows.

Flexible Solutions

Hiring a security company means you won’t be locked into one security solution forever. As your business’s needs change, so can your relationship with your security company; for instance, if your company acquires a new warehouse, security patrols there can begin quickly, but if your business decides to downsize its real estate footprint, your security expenditures can shrink accordingly.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Taking appropriate measures such as hiring Bay Area security guards is the first step towards protecting your business. Learn more about how to make your property safer with physical security companies by contacting us at Orion Security!

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