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If you have rental properties, make sure that tenants are as safe as possible this summer. This includes taking special care of pools. So how do landlords and property owners keep the pool area safe, especially when it is used by a wide range of people throughout the season? Consider the following pool area safety tips, offered by a Bay Area security company:

Review Pool Policies Each Year
Before opening your property’s pool for the season, complete a review of your pool policies. Make updates based on previous year’s experiences and any safety concerns that have arisen. Also, you might ask tenants for their input throughout the swimming season so that you have better insight into issues surrounding use and enjoyment of the pool.

Hire a Manager
Does your property have a manager? If you are wearing many hats including managing the property, you could have too much on your plate. Consider the perks of hiring a professional property manager that will oversee day-to-day workings of your investment- including the swimming pool.

Post the Rules
Make sure the pool rules are clearly posted for all to see. Distribute a printed copy to all tenants, post in and around the pool area, as well as inside the lobby or common areas of your building, if applicable. You can also post your rules on social media community pages to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding use of the swimming pool this season.

Beef-up the Fencing
You are required by law to have your property pool completely secure and fenced-in or face legal repercussions and fines. Make sure that your fencing is up to par to prevent incidents and accidents that you could be liable for as the property owner.

Set an Alarm
Save yourself unnecessary liability and headache by installing an alarm system on your pool area. If trespassers know a system is in place, they may be less inclined to enter your property. It also deters residents from trying to swim after posted pool hours.

Avoid Unnecessary Dangers
Consider skipping or uninstalling diving boards or slides to cut down on injuries. While these are appealing to some, the risk of injury and danger can be great.

Enlist Security
You may find that these efforts are not enough to maintain a safe environment for those renting from you. In these instances, consider the many advantages of a professional San Jose security patrol to help you manage your commercial property.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Own a property with a swimming pool? Use these tips to keep your tenants- and yourself- safe from pool related hazards this summer season. For added property security, consider how a professional San Francisco security guard company may help. Talk to the experts at Orion Security here.

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