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Look For These San Francisco Security Gaps

A security plan is only as strong as its weakest link; for instance, a sturdy door does little good if it’s just feet away from flimsy windows. Luckily, by reading this article, you can learn some tips endorsed by our San Jose security guards that will help you shore up the soft spots in your business’s physical security.

Coach Employees on Tailgating

When it comes to business security, the term tailgating refers to when an authorized person entering a building lets someone in behind them. We’ve all seen it and likely done it: It seems polite, after all, to just hold the door for someone coming behind us.

But tailgating can come with a cost. There’s no telling what random, unauthorized visitors are up to, and letting them in means that many other security measures—like keycards and automatically locking doors—are effectively pointless.

Two countermeasures that may reduce tailgating are installing turnstiles, which are much more awkward for tailgaters to use, and training new employees on the importance of not letting people tailgate. You can also hire a San Francisco physical security company or a similar organization in your area to help keep an eye on who’s coming and going.

Prioritize Organization

Organization is a great thing, as it helps employees get more done and keeps businesses’ spaces orderly. But organization also plays a role in physical security. For instance, depending on your type of business, it may be worth your while to coach employees on the importance of not leaving important files lying around or putting valuable inventory away and out of sight at the end of shifts.

Monitor What Employees Take Home

If your employees leave the premises with some of your business’s property, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: After all, some employees may need company assets to work from home. But make sure any employees who are taking company assets off-site know how to protect them and any data they contain. It’s also important to have a system to track who has what.

Conduct an Audit

It can be easy to miss the gaps in a security plan, especially if your business’s current procedures haven’t been updated in a long time. To keep your business’s security plan up to snuff, consider bringing in a Bay Area security guard company or similar outfit to conduct an audit. They’ll identify weak points and suggest improvements.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

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