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Checklist From our San Francisco Security Company

While many people use the holidays as a time to rest, security threats don’t. In fact, the large crowds that come with the holiday rush may pose unique challenges to businesses, as our Bay Area security company knows. Irregular employee hours are an additional potential issue. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can better prepare your business to head off holiday-season problems.

Prepare Your Staff for Shortages and Lines

Given the high demand that many businesses experience during gift-shopping surges, your staff should be prepared to handle customers who may be annoyed about items being out of stock. Longer-than-normal lines may also fray customers’ nerves, making them more argumentative. The same goes for customers who have problems with your business’s mask policy. Make your employees aware of both the challenges your business may face in this regard and tactics they can use to calm potentially volatile interactions.

Have Coverage for Your Building

Given that many employees understandably take time off, it’s important that you take steps to ensure that your business remains adequately staffed. An empty building may be an inviting target for thieves and other troublemakers. If you’re concerned that’s an issue, our San Jose physical security company staff recommends considering measures like patrols from guards or stationing security personnel in your building to keep an eye out. Security cameras may be a wise investment, too, if your property doesn’t already have them.

Be Aware of Traffic Concerns

Holiday crowds can push usually sufficient parking lots to their capacity brink, making collisions more likely. If you think that may occur on your property, consider bringing in personnel to direct traffic, thereby reducing the likelihood of disruptive accidents.

Watch Out for Return Fraud

A surprising number of returns are fraudulent, meaning they detract from both your bottom line and your employees’ bandwidth for handling legitimate returns. Depending on the nature of your business, return scams may take different forms, so research the fraud tactics your company may face and prepare your employees accordingly.

Build a Customized Bay Area Physical Security Plan

The above guidelines will propel your business’s security measures forward. For advice tailored to your specific needs from a San Francisco security guard company, please get in touch with Orion Security. The holidays are a busy time for businesses. With the increased traffic comes increased security risks. Contact the professionals at Orion security to find out how you can tackle physical security without the headache.

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