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Holiday Physical Security For Your Business

For businesses, the holiday season can bring new challenges, like different patterns of visitors and different schedules for your employees. But no matter what challenges your business faces this holiday season, the following strategies from our San Francisco security company can help you develop a sound security plan for the coming weeks and beyond.

Evaluate Your Access Control

Access control is the means by which businesses ensure that vandals cannot easily enter a building. Options to improve your business’s access control include keypad entry systems and posting security desks near entrances. It’s also important to not neglect maintenance; for instance, something as small as a broken lock can invalidate an entire access control system. The same goes for broken windows. If you want a professional to evaluate your building’s access control measures, reach out to our Bay Area security guard company.

Train Your Staff in Loss Prevention

If your staff isn’t aware of the proper steps to take to prevent problems like shoplifting, now’s the time to train them. It’s important that team members know how to safely and appropriately respond to incidents.

Customize Measures by Location

Keep in mind that different buildings may need different security measures. For a corporate office in the South Bay, San Jose alarm response systems may combine with video surveillance to properly cover the building in safety measures. The same company’s San Francisco warehouse may require 24/7 security staffing if it stores high-priced items.

Keep Valuables and Cash Safe

Valuable items in plain sight can be a magnet for trouble. That’s why we recommend keeping expensive items out of sight or in properly secured displays. Additionally, using a safe for cash storage and regularly transferring that cash to a bank can reduce your business’s exposure to potential cash loss.

Consider Bay Area Security Guards

On-site security personnel can be highly useful at any time of year, but they may become especially valuable during the holidays. Do you want an extra set of hands for guiding customers and protecting your goods? Want to make sure your store stays safe while it’s unattended by regular employees who are home for the holidays? Professional security guards can help. Learn more about how to make your business safer with physical security by contacting us through our website.

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