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Could You Use Apartment Security Patrol?

Apartment security is an important topic for any property owner or manager. It can be helpful to think of specific apartment security measures as falling into one of three categories: proactive, active, and reactive.

Proactive Security

Proactive security measures aim to head trouble off before it starts. For instance, a Bay Area security company may recommend that an apartment building owner replace broken locks, reinforce ground-level windows, and implement procedures that keep the premises illuminated at night.

Installing vehicle gates is another powerful proactive security method. Gates hamper criminals in two ways: They make the property more difficult to access in the first place, and they may make potential escapes more difficult. In the eyes of a criminal, those are complications, and combined with measures like ample lighting and strong locks, they can make an apartment complex much less appealing target.

Active Security

Active security measures are what many people think of when they consider security. The most visible form of active security is on-site security personnel. However, active security can also involve security cameras that are monitored by off-site personnel. Often, a mixed approach is best: For instance, San Jose security guards might patrol a property at night, while during the day, cameras provide a watchful eye.

Active security has multiple upsides. Visible security guards can be a powerful deterrent, for instance, while also reassuring residents that someone is looking out for them. Cameras can also be placed conspicuously to enhance their deterrent factor, or they may be hidden for a more subtle approach.

Reactive Security

Unfortunately, crime is impossible to stop. The good news is that reactive security makes it easier to catch the wrongdoers and make recurrences of crime less likely in the future. There is much overlap between active and reactive security measures: Guards and monitored cameras have the goal of stopping property theft, damage, and other problems, but they can also react to any crimes that do occur. They can alert law enforcement and provide helpful details that may lead to the recovery of property and apprehension of the perpetrators.

Which One Should You Choose?

There is no need to limit yourself to one of the three types of apartment security. Our San Francisco security company recommends adopting a mix that best fits your property, and we’d be glad to give you personalized advice to that end. Contact Orion Security here anytime.

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