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Security Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

There are special considerations that must be made for small business security to protect the customers, staff, and revenues. It is easy to overlook elements of security, but it leaves you and anyone on your property vulnerable and small businesses could be a potential target. Here is what Bay Area security guard companies suggest in terms of creating a security plan for your small business.


The biggest breach to your business can be prevented by managing who has access to your property. There should be vigilance when it comes to distributing keys and pass-cards that allow for unfettered access to your business. Be wary of procedures when someone leaves your employ to make sure keys to your establishment are not floating around in the community.


What is your current security system like? Is it up to par? Security should be a priority and something you budget for regularly. Talk to a San Francisco security company about options including those that will keep your staff physically safe- as well as protect your assets, inventories, and property. Having an outside company monitor your business ensures that emergency aid can be dispatched, and the police notified in the event of an emergency. The peace of mind is well worth the investment.


Don’t let suspicious behavior become the norm. Monitoring your property physically and providing a presence with security patrols or guards can be an effective deterrent to loiterers or trespassers. Be observant and aware when walking to and from your business- always keep an eye out for suspicious activity. This can also go a long way toward keeping your team and staff safe, too.


Have a clearly communicated plan for your staff in the event of a security issue or emergency. Inform them of exactly how they should respond to such threats- as well as how to communicate with others during these crises. For instance, you may identify an intercom for pertinent messages and inform the team of how this works to notify others of the danger.

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