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San Francisco Security Company Guide To Workplace Security

Our Bay Area security company knows how important theft prevention is for business owners. That’s why we’ve outlined five strategies to help your company create a plan to prevent thievery.

Know the Basics

Understanding a few basic guiding principles can help you form the rest of your business plan. One is that you’ll likely want multiple layers of security; for instance, a lock and a camera provide a stronger deterrent factor than either can alone. Another principle is that it’s critical to install security measures in a way that doesn’t make your business less welcoming or accessible to visitors and employees. Those two guidelines go a long way, but you should also speak to a security company about the broad strokes of protecting your particular business.

Get Cost-Effective Solutions

While layered security is important, not every solution is right for every business. For instance, in San Jose an alarm response system might be the best choice for one business that is unoccupied much of the time, as the people monitoring it can send local help as appropriate. In another instance, on-site security personnel could be preferable. The point is that your business can focus on investing in the security measures that will give it the best return on each dollar spent.

Change the Space

Certain changes to the space your business occupies may also boost its security. For instance, you might move expensive items away from high-visibility areas or put up barriers so that they are tougher for potential thieves to spot. More direct measures like installing better locks, reinforcing the windows, or putting up a fence are always on the table as well.

Codify the Plan and Train Your Employees

A security plan will work better if it’s put down in writing. That way, your employees can reference it to understand how to keep themselves and the building safe, plus what to do during and after a theft incident. But don’t rely on them reading about procedures alone: Also be sure to implement training to help them get up to speed on your company’s security practices and expectations.

Continually Adapt

Adaptation is necessary for security, even if you already have a plan in place. Keep an eye on trends over time to see what is working and what isn’t.

Our Bay Area Patrol Team Can Help

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