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Why Your Organization Will Benefit from Executive Protection Services

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Within any organization, there are high ranking officials whose official duties and responsibilities, net worth, or level of fame and recognition make them huge potential targets for criminals. These individuals usually end up needing extra protection since their prominence makes them more susceptible being victims of violent crimes.

Bay Area’s Orion Security recognizes their need for extra protection and seeks to provide these high profile individuals with extra security just to keep them safe as they go about their day-to-day routine.

Any organization would benefit greatly from the security services provided by Orion Security. Executive Protection packages ensure that the high value target is always protected, whether it is from potential criminals or just overzealous fans who get too close for comfort. Orion Security ensures that a trained bodyguard (or two, depending on the level of security that is needed) is always by the side of your organization’s most high ranking officials, keeping them safe at all costs.

Orion security is a physical security company provides executive protection services both domestically and for foreign excursions. Within the country, the security detail will act as an armed escort that will provide protection from domestic criminals, dangerous business rivals, unhappy employees and associates, and random acts of violence from select individuals within the general public. Their key priority is to keep your organization’s top ranking officials safe as they move from meeting to meeting and meet clients in different locations around town.

Our Bay Area security guard company also provides security detail to protect an organization’s top officials while on foreign soil, where the list of possible threats includes terrorist organizations and unfriendly locals. Regardless of your political status, getting the right amount of protection when outside the country could be the difference between life and death in extreme situations.

Individuals that may benefit from Orion’s range of Bay Area executive protection services include CEOs and top executives, performers, musicians and actors, politicians, individuals with a high net worth, celebrities, and politicians. We also specialize in Santa Clara executive protection.

Orion Security teams are comprised of former army officials, police, and other professionals with a background in security and law enforcement. These trained professionals are highly capable of spotting, isolating, and taking down a target swiftly and with minimal hullabaloo when possible. Their high level of training and rich background in their respective security-related fields makes them excellent at their jobs and the best at providing executive protection for any organization’s top officials.

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For specialized protective services, particularly for people who might be bigger targets due to the nature of their jobs or their net worth, Orion Security is one of the best in the business, and a reliable source of security for high profile individuals. Contact us online today or call 1 (800) 564-5105.

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