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A Bay Area Security Company Covers Small Business Security 101

Encryption, firewalls, and vulnerability scans are often a firm’s best defense against a potential hack. Many businesses tend to overlook physical security. Unbeknownst to them, data thieves may not even need a computer to easily gain access to vulnerable information. Without locked doors nor security badges to protect your company data, your business becomes the perfect target.

Here are 5 tips on how to effectively safeguard your data and your business as a whole:

1. Label Restricted Areas

Rooms with card data, sensitive information or equipment must be secured in the first place. You won’t see people barging in and out of a bank’s vault! These areas should only be accessed by authorized personnel. Define employee job functions that do have access and limit those who do not.

2. Create An Inventory of Devices

Mobile devices are increasingly used for the convenience they bring when doing transactions. However, portability also poses the risk of data theft on devices that carry or have the capability to connect to card data. It’s a given that card data storage must be encrypted, but someone may still attempt to simply walk out with your valuable data. Document all devices across all departments such as laptops, who’s using them, and if the particular device can leave the premises. San Jose security guards can then ensure your information stays where it should be.

3. Implement Security Policies

Formulate a set of policies to serve as standard rules to follow. Having policies and procedures in black and white can help mitigate liability when a data breach inevitably occurs. In addition to limiting access and documenting devices with card data, consider these things for the prevention of intentional or unintentional data theft:

  • When to lock doors
  • Who’s in charge of security
  • Password protection
  • Lost/stolen access cards
  • Visitor management

4. Invest Time for Employee Training

Human error is the culprit in the majority of data breaches. Forgetting to lock the data center cabinet and giving a data thief access to a restricted area aren’t uncommon. Train employees to educate and create awareness about the risks and liabilities of failing to adhere to company policies. Remind them on a quarterly basis, if not monthly, with refresher training courses.

5. Leave No Stone Unturned

Like homes in neighborhoods, businesses are used to locking doors at night to stay secure. Data thefts can actually happen under employers’ noses during work hours, with delivery people entering the building and possibly employees themselves planning to steal your data. Social engineers are highly skilled in manipulating employees and discreetly entering unauthorized areas. Privacy monitors, window blinds, sign-in sheets, and of course, hiring a trustworthy Bay Area security company, can altogether provide added security.

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From Security Guards to Security Patrol, We’ve Got You Covered

If you own a business in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you know how important proper safety protocols are. When you’re ready to take your physical security to the next level and prevent theft and vandalism, contact us at Orion Security for more information on how to make your organization a safer place to work.

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