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San Jose Security Guards on Theft Prevention

While burglary might be the least of your concerns at the moment, you can never predict when tragedy strikes. Does your home’s security look safe to you? Be honest. If the answer is no, then burglars might be already planning their next big break in. We’re not trying to scare you; just saying that you should be prepared. Our San Jose security guard company discusses five ways your home could be a target, and how to prevent future break-ins.

5 Most Common Tactics Used by Burglars

1. Using the ‘window’ of opportunity

Crime records show that most burglars like to come in through unlocked windows and doors. Around two-thirds of break-ins happen through either the ground floor window or through the front or back door.

How do you protect yourself? Obviously, by making doubly sure that all doors, windows, and gates are locked shut while you’re away.

2. Surveying a property

Most thieves and burglars prepare for the break-in well in advance. Have you seen any suspicious activity in your neighborhood lately? Random college students coming to ask you questions, people walking or driving by your house frequently, or someone wanting to inspect your home by introducing themselves as a handyman are all bad signs.

You can stay safe by being alert to what is going around, not entertaining random salespeople or handymen, or joining the Neighborhood Watch program.

3. Targeting isolated homes

Isolated properties are easy targets for obvious reasons. First, burglars do not have to worry about being seen by any passerby or the neighbors; second, they can escape even if they are discovered because the homeowners have nobody to alert. If you live in an isolated area, try keeping a dog on guard as most burglars fear their barking if not aggression. Also, hiring your local Bay Area alarm response company to install an alarm can be effective in scaring away a burglar. It is much better for a burglar to hear an alarm, rather than silence, if they break into your home.

4. Making use of loose tools

If the thieves find any item lying outside of the house that may aid in their break-in, then they’ll use it. They might use stools and bins to climb over fences, ladders to gain access to the upper floor, even use loose bricks or rocks to force their way in. Keep these items in a secure place to prevent burglars from using them.

5. Avoiding security surveillance

Burglars also target homes that have little to no security devices installed. If you don’t want to spend money on real gadgets, consider using a prop CCTV camera and an intruder alarm to deter the criminals. Your best bet is to install security surveillance systems that light up when movement is detected, as most thieves run away at the sight of a camera.

Bay Area Security Surveillance is the Best Way to Prevent Theft

If you are someone who keeps a lot of valuables at home, then it makes sense to hire a Bay Area security company. Look for a San Jose security surveillance company with a proven track record of preventing break-ins to stay on the safer side. Remember: prevention is always better than a cure. Contact Orion Security today at 800-564-5105 or contact us online 24/7 for residential and commercial security services.

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