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Security Companies Are Making Huge Strides in 2018

2017 has been a pleasant year for the security software and service industry, but 2018 will be the year of rapid change. The year has just commenced, and we are already seeing increasing signs of physical security playing a vital role in cybersecurity and vice versa.

Organizations are taking a step in a different direction and are fast evolving to develop a relationship between end users and integrators.
Even a standard security guard company should be taking an interest in creating a harmonious relationship between cybersecurity and physical security so that the clients get nothing but the best.

What are the risks involved in getting left behind?

As increasing number of security systems go digital, it’s normal for the cybersecurity sector to evolve and accommodate the changing needs. Change is in need of the hour because reports state tens of thousands of security devices have become vulnerable due to lack of upgrades.

Meaning – your security is at the risk of being breached by hackers now more than ever. Such a breach might not only lead to the loss of your private data and money but could also present a threat of epidemic proportions. Even local San Jose security guards are becoming more informed about this development. 

Changes to take place in 2018

Since integrators, manufacturers, and end users finally recognize the critical importance of safe cyberspace; we can expect to see many changes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Make sure that firmware and software updates can be effortlessly installed without causing any hindrance to operation.
  2. Increased engagement with AI to implement automation of data streams and develop preventative measures of a data breach.
  3. Improved communication between physical security and IT to keep the cyber security systems consistent and active across the entire network.
  4. Stringent regulations, increasing in both complexity and number, to keep up with the growing network connectivity among organizations.
  5. Integrators adding value-added services like security asset management, develop risk management programs, and predictive analytics to reduce chances of litigation and damage to the organization’s name.

Change on all fronts

2018 is set to be an exciting year thanks to the exponential growth of technology and the myriad of challenges to overcome. This is the year when we will even see Bay Area physical security companies step up their game and move into a slightly new market.

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2018 will be the year of a revolution that the physical security industry was preparing for all this time. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this significant change? If you are interested in learning more about how the technology in security can make you and your home or business safer, contact Orion Security for the most up-to-date information around!

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