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Bay Area Robotics Company Testing Robotic Physical Security Patrol


If you work with a group of highly trained Bay Area security guards, you could be welcoming a robot to the team. The Silicon Valley recently introduced crime-fighting robots to the protection workforce. While their spaceship appearance resembles a Star Wars movie prop, their real capabilities are far from innocent. These five-foot, 300 pound machines are non-threatening at first glance, but highly intelligent and useful.

Security patrol companies are able to benefit from invaluable information these robots provide, to track down a thief and burglar. Most burglars are lazy and want to avoid confrontations or threats. When they walk in and see these massive robots, they might be tempted to give up their criminal plans altogether, and move onto another location.

If a person steps in front of the security robot, it will stop and redirect its activity. It does this while sending a video to the control center, where a live human is monitoring. If a burglar does decide to persist, the robot will record, listen for glass breakage, loud sounds or other forms of disturbance. It will simultaneously seek to obtain the license plate, picture of the escape vehicle and geo-tag the location and time of the event.

The autonomous security robots operate on their own. Unlike physical security patrol and policemen, they do not chase the thieves down or try and tackle them. It’s slow moving, going at only a few miles per hour. It also gives off an intended low-level humming sound, which is deliberately there so burglars aren’t surprised by their presence. While they are not threatening, the robots are daunting and give off the unshakable feeling that your every move is being watched; that is the point. Criminals generally want to go undetected and prevent their identity, mode of transportation, and activities from being known.

Inherently designed to avoid confrontation, the security robots are unarmed but can gather valuable information and assist the security force in surveillance as well as deterrence. It contains LIDAR (light detection and ranging) system, high-definition, low light video cameras, a camera designed to read and recognize digits, directional microphones, sensors, measurement units and a GPS unit.

Security Guards and Surveillance Getting Help from Robotics

For the time being, these robotic security guards are prohibitively expensive for most businesses and there is a long way to go before they become common place, and truly there is no replacement for a competent, trained, patrol officer, however, one day we may see the likes of Star Wars droids roaming the streets in an effort to enforce the law. If your business or office in the Silicon Valley is in need of a highly reliable security plan, mobile patrols, or uniformed security guards contact Orion Security today and find out about our specialized protection services. Call now at (408) 287-4411 or get a quote online from our contact page.

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