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Security Guards Discuss What You Can Do When Someone is Trespassing on Your Land


No one likes a trespasser. Unfortunately, despite obvious warnings, notifications, and clear parameters that designate a piece of property as “off limits,” transgressors still exist. This is where security guards and alarm systems can come in handy. But there are other precautions you can take to protect the privacy of your land.

You don’t always need 24-hour security patrol to keep privacy. Maintaining security can be as simple as installing a strong perimeter fence. Most pedestrians won’t hop a wire-mesh fence or crawl under barbed wire just for curiosity’s sake. Something that daunting will clearly portray the “do not pass,” message, and your average civilian will respectfully abide by those guidelines for fear of painful consequences. Also consider limiting the amount of entry points, which means less gates, entrances and driveways.

As always, big and clear signs are the clearest indicators that a piece of property is inaccessible. Postings signs will alert people to the fact that your property is private, but even if signs aren’t posted, trespassing on a private property is still illegal and punishable by law. If you do put up a sign, consider adding contact information of the landowner. Signs also have the power to scare away people that you want to see, like delivery trucks or trash pickups. If contact information is provided, any party can call to determine whether or not they are authorized to enter the land without hesitation.

If, despite all your efforts to keep civilians off your land, a person decides to trespass, they are legally required to leave as soon as you verbally tell them to do so. Even though they have broken the law at this point, you are not allowed to use physical force or conduct a citizen’s arrest to detain them. Your best option is to ask the person to leave and call a law enforcement agent who is authorized to remove the trespasser should they refuse to leave your property.

Law enforcement and lawyers can advise on additional measures, should you run into issues with individuals trespassing repeatedly or committing vandalism, threatening bodily harm to anyone on the premises, or committing theft, each of these scenarios would carry additional weight and possible legal repercussions. You can find lots more information on laws related to trespassing from the State of California website.

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