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Security Guard Companies Pay Special Attention to Positioning of Surveillance Cameras for Optimum Effectiveness


To minimize theft, internal crime and office fraud, many businesses are turning to security guard companies for advice on protection plans and systems. Recent studies reveal that nearly 48% of employers utilize alarm systems to monitor behavior on their property during and after business hours. Security cameras can record and save everything that transpires within a location. The footage can be watched, rewound and reviewed at anytime. Prevention and investigation are the main reasons companies install security cameras, but the location of these devices is just as important as the camera itself. Placing a camera in the wrong area will minimize its effectiveness and ability to capture important events. To maximize the usefulness of your security systems, consider placing cameras in the following areas:

Entry and Exits Points

Trouble has to enter the premises somehow. Installing an alarm response system near the entrance will help you monitor when suspicious or unauthorized personnel enter the premises. This will alert potential criminals that they are under surveillance as soon as they walk onto the property. It is also helpful for employees to study the reaction of the visitor, some reactions may tip employees off that the individual is trespassing.

Reception Area

Because this is the first area most visitors and employees enter it should be covered by surveillance. If you feel a camera in the reception area sends the wrong message to your clients, your security company can install a covert camera which merges with the office décor. The use of covert cameras may present a few legal issues, so be clear on current laws and regulations before you install them and when necessary be sure to post notice that the area is under surveillance.

Office Area

This is where most of the day-to-day action takes place since employees stay here for most of the work day. Installing a camera near employee areas can also help monitor behavior and habits.

Storage Rooms

Have cameras where you store your confidential and valuable information. This will empower you to monitor restricted areas and protect your important company assets. You may also want to install cameras near storage rooms if you are experiencing employee theft. This will help you identify guilty parties.

Secluded Areas

Secluded areas are notorious for instances of violence and vandalism. Even the dumpster area has been known as a hot spot. Studies reveal that some employees throw various items in the trash and retrieve them later on in the day. Install floodlights and security cameras in these locations to prevent future theft.

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