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Palo Alto Executive Protection and Security Officers Need a Special Set of Skills


Executive protection personnel have the crucial job of protecting individual safety from fatalities and criminal bystanders. If you or anyone you know wants to hire security guards for executive protection, make sure you understand the qualifications these professionals need to be effective. It may be impossible to list all attributes required to be a phenomenal protective agent, the following 10 qualities are common characteristics among the most competent and experienced agents.

Experience or Military Training

This individual is responsible for guarding your life. With a task this sensitive, it’s important that the executive protection personnel have professional training. Military, police or other extensive security guard experience is what you should look for when hiring a professional. An individual with this type of experience will be able to quickly adapt to your needs and will effectively perform his duties to “observe, detect, deter and report.”

Solid Writing Skills

Protective agents will likely deal with regular reports, emails, memos and other forms of written material. Being able to write in simple, clear and concise grammar is a basic necessity.

Strong Communicator

Possessing strong verbal and gestural skills is important when it comes to responding quickly to a potentially dangerous situation. Listening skills are also just as necessary, so that they can know how to respond to your needs and request and to succinctly communicate with the security company or police officials they work with should additional support be necessary.

Customer Service

Many executive protection agents will be responsible for handling phone calls and serving your guests. He or she should be able to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Courtesy, manners and good human relation skills are necessary qualities if you and your security provider want to maintain a good long-term working relationship. Hiring a rude agent is bad for you personally and also for the image of your company or community, so avoid this by working with someone who is both watchful and personable.

Superb Decision-Making Skills

Protective agents have to make important decisions in the matter of seconds. They need to know how to quickly handle bad behavior, crisis or even attacks. Doing this effectively requires experience, intelligence but also sound judgment. The lack of these qualities would compromise your overall safety.

Driving Skills

Executive protection professionals should be comfortable driving vehicles and legally authorized to do so. To go a step further, he or she should possess defensive driving skills and know how to drive to save lives. The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course teaches individuals how to drive strategically and defensively. It’s a real plus if your agent has taken this course.

Computer literacy

Having a basic understanding of technology is imperative. Knowing how to surf the internet for relevant information and relying on technology to stay up-to-date on current events is crucial to his/her job function.


You don’t have to look like The Hulk to be effective, but your agent does need to be in shape with minimal health problems. You never want his lack of physical aptitude to interfere with his/her ability to perform their job. Stooping, bending, standing for long periods, and walking and running are commonly necessary job functions, so if your security guard seems unable to perform any of these physical tasks you should probably reassess whether you have the right company providing security services for you.

Familiarity with Firearms

There are rare situations where firearms are warranted to protect your life. An executive professional agent must be skilled in handling firearms if this is necessary to neutralize a potentially life-threatening situation.

Self-Defense Skills

Sometimes basic self defense skills are sufficient to save your life, without the need of firearms. In areas where bodyguards are prohibited to wear firearms – it’s even more necessary that they know how to protect with physical combat and disarm threatening subjects.

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If you choose executive protection personnel with these skills, you shouldn’t have to worry about choosing the wrong person. To find the best protective agents in San Jose and the greater Bay Area, contact Orion, your local security company today! Orion Security can be reached by phone at (800) 564-5105 or send us a message to get a quote today!

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