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Questions to Ask Your Prospective New Security Companies


Security companies are great assets to individuals and organizations that want to offer extra protection to customers, residents, employees and to protect their own assets. Whether you manage storefronts in a shopping center, you’re in charge of ensuring security for local or state government offices or buildings, manage a bank, or run a medium to large company, having a good security plan is a worthwhile investment. All security companies are not created equal, so it’s important you choose the one that is best for your needs. Just like any significant investment you would make, conducting extensive research on security guard companies will help you avoid future dissatisfaction or potentially dangerous or detrmiental situations.

When it comes to choosing security guards, you want the assurance that they have undergone the proper training. It’s important to note how often security guards train and if they have specialized training like CPR or CPO (Certified Protection Officer) as well as understanding the tools they have at their disposal such as vehicles, non-lethal and lethal weapons, and technology for monitoring and identifying potential threats.

Since you will likely have a close business relationship with your security guards, it is important to establish things upfront. Having a comfortable and trusting relationship with your protective agent is necessary for the best results. Understanding body language, mannerisms, facial expressions, is important on both sides for effective communication. Consider asking the following questions while you are researching security agencies.

  • Can you describe your professional presence?
  • How much experience do you have in your field?
  • Do you utilize armored vehicle transportation or what type of vehicles do your officers utilize?
  • Do you use code words or lingo that I’ll need to learn?
  • What are recent scenarios you’ve encountered?
  • How did you handle them?
  • Do you have any victories or failures that you have learned from? If so what where they?
  • Does your protective solution have GPS capabilities or ways for the owner or manager to verify location and presence of officers?

Based upon these questions, you should be able to determine an agent’s level of professionalism and see whether or not you have the right chemistry with them. This is also an important way to build trust, because you will need to have confidence in the individual assigned to meet your protection needs. Once you have established a basic level of trust and feel that the protective agent’s personality and goals will mesh well with yours, it will take more time for you and the agent to learn about each other. If you have done your homework to choose the best agent for yourself, the relationship should only get better with time and enhanced understanding of expectations and threats.

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