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How a Properly Trained Security Company Conducts Executive Protection


Security can come in many forms; human personnel, k-9 units, alarm systems, video monitoring, and more. A reliable, highly professional, security guard company knows how to craft a safety plan and a strategy that will perfectly fit the unique needs of the individual or group in need of protective services. Since there are no standard packages to completely address every security situation, executive protection services seek to offer another layer of human security to important people who may be at greater risk of experiencing a situation.

Executive protection refers to security guards, specialists or trained professionals who’s responsibility it is to protect VIPS, celebrities, and political or religious dignitaries who need around the clock protection. The security program is uniquely designed and based upon the lifestyle of each individual. This often calls for preplanning, preparing or anticipating potentially dangerous situations that could harm the protected person. The goal is to counter any possible attacks and ideally to avoid confrontation altogether, rather than expose the person being protected to harm. The life of the protected individual is the most valuable, and security guards will protect them at all cost—even if they must put their own life in danger to do so.

Executive protection (EP) teams often maintain anonymity and try not to draw attention to the person being protected. The protected individuals’ security is badly damaged when the presence of the executive protection team is obvious, so one of the main objectives for security personnel is to remain invisible.

Executive protection teams will often make efforts to blend in with their environment by employing the mannerisms, customs, behaviors and attire that is most appropriate for the current situation. Keeping a calm and collected outward composure is key in doing this effectively. Security personnel should also keep an open line of communication and a liaison with the local law enforcement, because this will help them be more prepared and resourceful in case of an emergency.

To maintain a pulse on current events, they will also stay connected with local television shows, CNN, the radio and other resources that offer the latest news and moment-by-moment updates. Knowing the status of the local environment is of critical importance for executive protection assignments, and can help provide early warning on potential threats and enhance the security team’s ability to plan ahead for or avoid potential situations.

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