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Physical Security Company Discusses Top 3 Forms of Self-Defense


It’s never good to seek out a fight, but sometimes the fight finds you. It would be nice to have the assurance of security guards that provide 24/7 protection. The reality tells a different story however. A time may come when you find yourself in a compromising situation, by yourself and completely unarmed. What should you do if you come face to face with an armed enemy? How do you respond if an intruder insists on beating you down? You can fight back. Various forms of self-defense come in handy when it’s time to confront an enemy, but we’ve compiled a list of the best styles of self-defense that will be very useful against any attacker.


Developed in Japan, Jujitsu is an extremely effective form of martial arts because it uses the attacker’s strength against them. Many jujitsu moves consist of throws and joint locks, where pressure is applied to a joint like an elbow or knee. A jujitsu fighter will often redirect an attacker’s energy and momentum to their advantage, and distract their enemy—giving them the opportunity to do a counter attack. Jujitsu can work against armed attackers, which has the potential to be great for executive protection.  This form of martial arts can also be utilized against unarmed attackers as well.


Taekwondo loosely translates into “the way of the hand and fist” and originated in Korea. Not only is it an Olympic sport, Taekwondo is also a very powerful form of self-defense. The fast, high spinning kicks that characterize Taekwondo make it extremely useful and powerful. Just one kick could provide immediate physical security by completely dismantling your attacker altogether.

Krav Maga

It may not be flashy or catchy – but it’s speedy, dirty and effective. This art form was developed in Israel and is meant to quickly neutralize threats. This art form is also unique in that defense moves and attack moves are often married. With Krav Maga, a fighter will block an attacker in such a way that it creates opportunity to counterattack. It uses the body’s naturally weak areas; eyes, face, throat, neck, fingers and groan as points of attack. Etiquette does not exist because this art form places survival over fairness. Today, this discipline is the official combative system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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