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San Jose Alarm Response Company Discusses Home Security Systems


You walk out of a scary movie with a terrified daze. The crude scene of a maimed, lifeless, corpse abnormally contorted on the bitter floor, continuously assaults your mind. You make a personal vow to never be found in that dangerous situation and rush home to begin your frantic search for alarm systems. But just 10 minutes into the hunt and you find yourself both scared and confused. Way voice, cellular monitoring, carbon monoxide detectors? Who knew you needed to learn a new language before being able to pick a security system? Feeling defeated, you detach teary eyes from the computer screen and sigh at the prevailing sense of confusion that fills your thought.

While no security system can guarantee 100% protection, armed with the right knowledge you can choose a system with the best alarm response that will suit your needs. You will want to consider the following points before you purchase a security system:

Alarm System Options

There are many security systems. For example a burglar alarm consists of the basics needed to detect an intrusion through the door or window caused by motion; it then sends a notification through a noise. An alarm system offers a bit more and also includes fire and smoke detectors. A home security system can be completely optimized with a central monitoring station, security cameras, remote control via your smartphone, and other home automation otpiosn like automated lighting and door locks. Choosing the option for you depends on your needs and budget. Security systems can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

How Do I Want to Receive the Signal?

There are three ways you can be notified: landline, cellular or broadband.

  • With a landline, your system relies on the phone connection to communicate with the monitoring center when the alarm goes off. The system is wireless but does require a landline to function.
  • For a cellular connection, the system uses cellular connection to communicate to the monitoring center when the alarm is triggered. Cellular is more reliable and quicker than a landline signal.
  • With broadband, the security system will send a signal through your internet connection when the alarm is notified. It is able to work 4 times faster than a landline connection and less expensive than cellular. It is not as reliable as cellular however.

How Much Should I Spend?

This depends upon the system. You can get something as cheap as $20 dollars off the internet with a DIY installation, or invest thousands of dollars in a high-end system from a security company. Once you determine the features you want for your alarm system (remote access, smart phone capacity, smoke detector, etc.) this greatly determines the price.

Deciding on the Best Alarm System for the Best Security

Though choosing the perfect alarm system can be a lengthy endeavor, considering these options before you make a purchase should make the buying process a little easier. If you have additional questions about choosing a good alarm system or want to know how to keep your home or business safe in general, contact Orion Security today at (408) 287-4411, or online via our contact form right here on our website.

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