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Self-Defense Knowledge is the First Step in Personal Security

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It’s one thing you never want to use, but need to know. It might be your greatest asset in the sudden, frightful turn of events. It could prepare you, protect you, guard you, and in some cases save you from disaster. It’s called self-dense, and it’s something you should take everywhere you go.

Today, many organizations utilize public security companies to maintain a level of safety: BART police, banks, malls and in some cases movie theaters. Still, hiring a security company to supply a patrol force should never be a substitute for your own understanding of self-defense. It’s important to always stay alert in your environment, and be prepared for the unknown.

There are various schools when it comes to self-defense, but it’s important to remember the fundamentals. Whether you are a trained fighter or have never fought a day in your life, consider these practical tips if you ever need to defend yourself against a perpetrator.

Feign Weakness

Opponents usually choose victims they think will be weak and easy to overcome. They actually never know for sure whether or not the person will fight back until they attack. By pretending to be weak when an opponent confronts you, he or she will automatically become more relaxed and less guarded. When it’s apparent that they are less guarded, you’ll have the opportunity to attack the opponent when they least expect it. Striking them when all their guards are down could cause serious harm to them and potentially destroy their plans; saving you from a potential tragedy.


Security companies, mobile patrol security companies to be specific, recommend that anytime you can thwart your opponent’s attention to another distraction, you give yourself a chance of escape and victory. One way to distract them is to throw an item at their face: keys, coins, purse, lipstick, pins or anything else you have close by you. People automatically react or flinch when something is thrown towards them. This creates a small yet significant opportunity for you to attack the opponent when they are unguarded.

Fight Unconventionally

Opponents may expect kicks, punches or pushes. But less conventional forms of self-defense include groin slaps and eye strikes. It may not be the sexiest or most impressive form of self-defense, but it can certainly be useful, especially if it disarms your opponent.

Think deception when it comes to protecting yourself with self-defense. Your opponent may be bigger, faster, or more skilled at fighting, but if you are smarter and able to deceive them in their own schemes, you could literally save yourself from calamity.

Put Your Mind at Ease by Hiring a San Jose Security Company

It’s better to know self-defense and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  If you are interested in hiring a local Palo Alto physical security company for a special event, or constant patrol of your corporate headquarters, contact Orion Security today at (408) 287-4411.

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