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What Makes Up a Strong & Secure Neighborhood Watch Program?

With the recent controversies regarding officer conduct, police forces and security companies have never been under such public scrutiny. Some are questioning whether or not the very people meant to protect them are trustworthy. Despite the national uproars and impending cases surrounding police brutality, there are many security personnel and bodyguards who provide invaluable services that adequately protect the safety of civilians.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Sign for Safe Neighborhoods

Although it’s not a perfect remedy, having a strong security plan can greatly diminish the possibility of things going wrong. Combining neighborhood watch programs with police forces and a security guard company can be a great addition to a communities’ safety plan. The U.S. Department of Justice claims that neighborhood watches were born out of a desire to involve civilians in the prevention of needless crimes. Neighborhood watches include everything from apartment watches, block watches, home watches, citizen alerts, and more. Many have found neighborhood watches to be an effective way to curb crime in specific areas.

Unfortunately, the recent Trayvon Martin case brought an entirely new perspective on the role of neighborhood watches, adding an ounce of skepticism to the effectiveness of the idea. The most useful security plans have clear boundaries that define the roles of the neighborhood watchers and police authorities. Shareholder attorney Lisa A. Magill, defines the role perfectly:

“In a planned development, the neighborhood watch can really help thwart crime by notifying residents whether exterior lights are out, landscaping blocks sight lines, cars have been parked in the driveway during the daytime (when most folks are at work) or cars have come and gone while the owners are out of town… Having both a neighborhood watch and hired security guards may become problematic if the goals and tasks of each aren’t clearly defined.”

Empowering citizens to protect their own community is a great way to increase involvement and improve general safety. Clear boundaries and guidelines laid beforehand can help eliminate needless tragedies. It is important that neighborhood watchmen clearly understand their roles, and level of authority, especially in relation to trained security companies and police forces. When this is done they can be a great enhancement and work in tandem with trained police forces to be more effective.

The Trayvon Martin case is a sad representation of what can happen when a strong and clearly defined security is not in place. Hopefully, communities will learn a lesson from this grave mistake and use the tragedy to improve their existing security models.

Could Your Neighborhood Watch Program Use a Bay Area Security Company?

Distinguishing when is the proper time to exercise your use of authority can be difficult for neighborhood watchmen and women.  Allow us to discuss your security needs for your home, business, neighborhood, or event, contact us online today. Orion Security can provide a variety of security services including surveillance systems, mobile patrol, and uniformed security guards to help you feel comfortable and safe, and to protect your loved ones, employees, clients and property.  To learn more about the most effective security plans, contact Orion Security today at (408) 287-4411.

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