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Security Tips to Help Protect Your Business Property


Hard-earned money is incredibly satisfying. Any business that’s spent years building a brand, growing a clientele and establishing themselves in the community understands the sweet victory of steady increasing profit. Take for example a $1.4 billion dollar annual revenue, which breaks down to roughly $4 million dollars a day. Imagine the hard work, innovation, sacrifice, patience and dedication that was required to amass this hefty stream of profit. Don’t risk your hard-earned money by failing to protect against theft.

So, what industry was lucky enough to earn such a prominent position in the American economy? Further investigation reveals a disturbing truth. Burglary, which takes place every 10 seconds, is the winner– or more appropriately, the culprit. Defined as “unlawful entry with or without force to commit a theft or other felony,” burglary makes up a massive amount of the country’s serious crimes. Hard working, small businesses that don’t utilize security systems or security guard companies tend to be the biggest victims of these heinous crimes. Recent finds show that only 1 and 6 burglaries are cleared by arrest according to the Federal Bureau of investigation. Over the last 10 years U.S. burglaries nearly doubled, and thieves have the unwelcome habit of revisiting the same place.

While working with a professional security company could be one the best ways to protect your establishment against unwanted intruders, there are also a few practical steps you can take to increase your security measures.

Do Background Checks on Your Employees

Businesses may like to believe that their beloved employees will never compromise the integrity of their company. But history reveals another truth. One of the best ways to eliminate in house burglary is to hire people that have a trustworthy track record. Background checks may reveal whether or not a person is the best fit for your company.

Get a Strong Lock

A strong and cumbersome luck may discourage even the most motivated burglar. Pin-cylinder locks that use deadbolts are great ways to intimidate burglars. Double cylinder dead locks, which require keys on both ends, makes it very difficult for burglars to both enter and leave a building. A bar can also be used on the rear door, which is usually a very popular entry point for burglars.

Alarm Systems

Probably one of the most common forms of burglar protection, the benefits of alarm systems are pretty straight forward. A silent central-station alarm tends to offer the best form of protection against thieves. With this kind of alarm, a notification goes off at a private protection agency like a security guard company, or the local police station. The burglar will continue scheming, unaware of the alert, and be unpleasantly surprised by authorities upon his departure.

The more commonly used loud and distracting alarm is a good second option for companies wanting something less expensive. The startling sound could potentially scare the intruder off before he takes any merchandise. Alarm devices come in various offerings with a range of pricing. Simply having one in place, no matter how inexpensive, is better than being completely unprotected.

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