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Security Companies and Tech Are Advancing

The security industry has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade. According to research conducted by Markets and Markets, the industry is expected to have exceeded $373 billion in global sales by 2020. We discuss some of the security trends you should watch out for in 2019.

1. Availability of home cloud storage options
2019 will see more home cloud storage options become available and affordable. Other than making monthly payments to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, homeowners will be able to store their devices’ sensor data, media content, and important documents on a private server.

2. The rise in 2-way voice communication
Often, false alarms are costly to Bay Area alarm response companies. This technology will enable the monitoring personnel at your security patrol company to confirm on the claim of intrusion before they send help.

3. Increase in artificial intelligence for improved efficiency and control
AI will take automation to a whole new level. For example, through facial recognition or biometrics, your security system will be able to autonomously determine whether to let a visitor in.

4. Wireless technology will be on the rise
As more security companies seek to provide better security solutions, there will be a great push for wireless technology. More security companies are going to shift from wired models to wireless options.

5. Neighborhood watch
Security systems that monitor the activities around your neighborhood will be available. There is expected to be a significant rise in drones or unmanned aircraft systems from Palo Alto security guard companies to monitor neighborhoods.

6. Smart video surveillance
In the past, smart video surveillance has been available to governments, militaries, and commercial entities. In 2019, we expect them to be available to homeowners. Smart video surveillance will make use of heat detectors to detect unusual movement and use sound enhancing microphones to magnify subtle noises.

 Security technology and smart home devices sometimes require you to install different mobile apps to effectively manage them. As the security industry evolves, we expect more integration in 2019 in a bid to make security systems more user-friendly and desirable.

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