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holiday home safety tips

A Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Home is Secure During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving and celebrating with friends and family. Unfortunately, this time of year doesn’t always bring out the best in everyone. For criminals, the holidays are the perfect time to cash in on vacant homes and the generosity of others. While installing a home security system with a San Jose security company is ideal, we’ve put together some additional tips to keep your home safe this season.

Inspect Your Decorations
Poorly maintained Christmas lights can turn festive décor into a tragedy in a matter of minutes. Make sure that every strand of lights is properly maintained and inspected before attaching them to your home. Even the fastest Bay Area alarm response can’t prevent damage from an electrical fire.

Don’t Advertise Travel Plans
It can be tempting to share vacation or holiday travel plans with everyone you know using social media. However, all it takes is one public post for your home to become a target for burglars looking for vacant properties. Consider sharing the experience after it’s over to keep your home off of the criminal radar this season.

Find a House-Sitter or Neighbor
When you do plan on being gone for any length of time, it can be beneficial to hire a house-sitter or to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the property. It’s better to trigger a Santa Clara alarm response than it is to passively allow someone to rob your home. It’s also a good idea to put interior lights on timers to give the appearance that someone is there.

Don’t Keep Valuables in the Open
If your tree or front room have piles of beautifully wrapped packages spilling out onto the floor, you can be an easy mark for thieves. Store presents and valuables out of sight, and keep them away from windows. This can make your home seem less appealing, and save you from living through a real-life version of “the Grinch.”

Protect Against Electrical Fires
Before firing up your furnace, make sure that you’ve had it inspected by your local HVAC professional. Proper maintenance of electrical and HVAC systems can prevent sudden electrical fires and give you additional peace of mind this holiday season.

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For more information on keeping your home safe this season, contact the professionals at Orion Security. We want you to enjoy the holidays worry-free!

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